Dr. Marije van Koperen
Onderzoek en Advisering in de Publieke Gezondheid

Cuprifère Consult

Cuprifere Consult was founded in 2014 by Marije van Koperen (1972). Marije holds a Masters Degree and a Phd in Health Sciences. She finalised her PhD in 2016 at the VU University in Amsterdam, with Jaap Seidell and Jantine Schuit. Her thesis "Evaluation of Integrated Community-Wide Intervention Approaches to prevent overweight in children' can be downloaded here.

Currently Marije is an independent researcher and consultant to Public health institutions in and outside The Netherlands. 

Program evaluation requires the participation of stakeholders at all stages of the evaluation process. Both in setting clear goals, in determining to achieve successes, in generating and allocating resources for evaluation, and in data collection and analysis. Marije guides municipal health services and municipalities in the design and planning of the program evaluation and uses experiences from her PhD research and resources designed with several municipalities to get this done.